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Why Join a Parent Support Group?

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There are several reasons to join a parent support group:

You will meet other people who are having similar experiences, which can also lead to lasting friendships for you and your child.

You can ask questions and clarify things you may not understand.

You can see and hear guest speakers on relevant subjects.

You will learn about workshops and seminars that are pertinent to you.

You can learn about the newest technologies to accommodate your child, or breakthroughs in the medical treatments or alternative therapies that are successful.

Some groups offer resources such as libraries from which you may sign out books, DVDs, etc. for yourself and your child.

You may receive handouts on parenting tips, or tips for teachers & schools.

Some groups offer in-service.  In-service consists generally of an accredited person (someone the group recommends, either from within the group, or a professional) providing through assemblies in school, or at a staff meeting, a speaker to address the issues around the child’s disability or disorder.

Some groups offer workshops or courses that teach parents new skills, from dealing with a child with a disability to advocating for that child in school.

You can share your stories with other adults without judgment.

You can learn advocacy skills.

Your group may have representation on your school board’s Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC). Hearing from you can help your representative advocate for all children’s needs.