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What to Have Prepared For A Trip To Hospital

  • It is best to have reviewed the pages on Crisis before you need them.
  • Your name, relationship to ill person, medications or list of medications, phone #, etc.  We have included a sample form that can be handed to police, ambulance, nurses, etc. when in crisis.  Keep a copy in your vehicle or in a safe place that can be easily accessed.
  • A roll of quarters, loonies or toonies should also be available in the same location for parking and phone call needs.
  • If you have time jot down your main concerns and what was happening to cause you to come to emergency – in the case of teens this can be passed on to team if they do not want you involved.
  • The sample form (next page) includes room for medications – if possible bring medications with you.
  • An updated copy of a Safety Plan for your child. (see Creating A Safety Plan under Advocacy)


What to Expect at Hospital

 (This will vary, of course, depending on hospital visited.)

  • Triage will determine urgency of situation and there may be a wait time or the person may be escorted to a safe room (an empty room, sometimes with cameras to watch patient) for safety reasons.
  • If this was a police escort, police will need to stay until doctor has seen patient.
  • Psychiatric team member will take patient and talk to them for further assessment.  If patient is younger you will accompany them.
  • You may or may not be given an opportunity to provide background information. The best way to deal with this is to have written notes that you can pass on to the team.
  • Assessment and follow-up may take several hours as an on-call psychiatrist or the patient’s own psychiatrist may need to be contacted.
  • Discharge with care advice or admission to hospital will be the final step.
  • If you have legal questions you may want to look at the attached version of a newsletter called The Updater”. It is focused on Human Services and Justice Coordinating in Waterloo-Wellington.