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Getting Started

Since 2005, kidsLINK has supported the operation of a Parents for Children’s Mental Health (PCMH) chapter in Waterloo Region.  PCMH is a voluntary group of parents who have used or are currently using the mental health services of Ontario.  Members are dedicated to improving services and access to information in the region and province.

Parents and professionals alike are desperate for resources to help children often described as “behavioural” in many settings; home, school and community. PCMH in Waterloo Region has, with community support, assembled a Resource Guide aimed at helping parents navigate the system and learn advocacy tools to help their child to succeed.  The guide is written in the parent voice, by people who have experienced first-hand what it means to raise a special needs child with mental health concerns  in Waterloo Region.  Although many of the listings here are regional, similar services do exist in other regions of the country.  The key is knowing what is available and what to ask for!


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Who is this Guide for?

-  What is PCMH?

-  What is Mental Illness?

Signs and Symptoms of Children’s Mental Health Problems

Psychological Assessments

Tips for Self Care

What is the DSM-IV?

The Myth of the Bad Kid