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The material in this Resource Guide is intended to direct parents and caregivers, and members of the community to assist children with mental illness. It will hopefully help you to understand mental illness, the support services and resources available for children and their families, and how they can advocate for better support and acceptance from the community and the child’s school. By its nature, this Resource Guide provides information about all of these topics, but is not a complete review of the issues raised or services available for the support and treatment of children’s mental health problems. This Resource Guide is current to December 2012.
This Resource Guide is for general reference, and is intended to direct concerned parties to other, more complete sources of information about supports and resources available to them. This Guide is not intended to cover every possible issue that you may encounter when struggling with children’s mental health problems.

This Resource Guide should not be relied on as legal advice or a professional opinion. Anyone having specific questions about the contents of this Resource Guide or dealing with children’s mental health issues, including finding support and treatment and accessing resources to assist in this regard, may wish to consult kidsLINK which provides children’s mental health services in the Region, or other children’s mental health agencies, or you may contact Children’s Mental Health Ontario for more information about services in the province, or any of the other services and support groups listed in this Guide. If you have a question about your legal rights, you may wish to consult a lawyer.

  • kidsLINK (a program of Carizon Family and Community Services) can be contacted at:

1855 Notre Dame Drive
P.O. Box 190
St. Agatha, Ontario
Canada N0B 2L0

Phone: (519) 746-KIDS (5437)


2008 PCMH Resource Guide Committee: Barb Ward, Liz Nickason, Laura Coughlin, Tina Blanchette, Carol Parr, Roxanne Warren

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