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Encompass Recreation (Respite) Services

Respite Services recognize the need for parents and guardians to have a much needed break — time to regroup and recuperate away from the constant demands of caring for their child with serious social, emotional and behavioural concerns.  This service provides temporary relief for families.  Most children are referred through a local agency such as DSRC (Developmental Services Resource Centre), Front Door, Grand River Hospital, Family and Children’s Services, Lutherwood or kidsLINK.  Most services have waiting lists and need referrals.

Encompass Recreation (Respite) Services

Caroline Respite Centre, 1855 Notre Dame Dr. N., St. Agatha

Phone: (519) 746-5437 ext 136 | | E-mail:

Eligibility:    Children 5-15 years with mental health concerns, or diagnosed with autism.

Hours:      Sat/Sun 9 am – 7pm (usually 1 day per month); also Mon-Fri 9am – 7pm during some of the school holidays.


Respite Services for children/youth with Developmental Disabilities

  • K-W Habilitation Services* – (519) 884-8080
  • Parents for Community Living Kitchener-Waterloo Inc.* – (519) 742-5849
  • Parents of Technologically Dependent Children of Ontario* – (519) 651-2875
  • Community Living Cambridge* – (519) 623-7490
  • Kitchener-Waterloo Extend-a-Family Association – (519) 741-0190
  • Elmira Association for Community Living*

* must contact DSRC to access at 519-741-1121  or