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Recreation and Camp Services

The Camp experience teaches children sharing, compromising, co-operation, problem solving, and communication skills. It enhances independence and builds self-esteem. All these skills are taught in a fun-filled environment and we encourage you to seek out camps with appropriate supports for your child.

The cities of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge each publish a quarterly Activities Guide or Leisure Guide which publishes current information on Inclusion Services for children and teens.

Access Waterloo Region also has a comprehensive listing of recreational and Summer camping/playground activities, for both day and overnight camping, available in Waterloo Region for children with disabilities.

A Personal Attendant for Leisure (PAL) Card allows registered card holders to bring an attendant with them to enable them to participate in designated programs at no charge to the attendant.  An application is required.

Children with significant impulsivity, excess energy, anxiety, difficulty transitioning, difficulty keeping focused, easily overwhelmed or frustrated, etc. often need help to be successful during recreational activities or at camp.  There are programs or camps designed with this in mind, or an Inclusion Facilitator or Leisure Buddy can be provided in order that your child may attend regular programs, with no additional fees.  This is often 1:1 support by a person trained by the City for a maximum of two weeks of support.  Regular camp fees apply.

These services are available for all City of Cambridge, City of Kitchener and City of Waterloo playgrounds, adventure programs, day camps and fun centres.  Registration for both the specific camp and the inclusion facilitator are required (two separate registrations). An inclusion Facilitator form must be filled out and submitted in April if you hope to get one!

To obtain an application form call:

  • Kitchener-Waterloo (ages 4-17) – 519-741-2229
  • Cambridge (ages 3 – 25) – 519-740-4681 ext. 4689 or download form:


Links or Useful Resources for RECREATION AND CAMPS:
Activities Guide – City of Cambridge, City of Kitchener, City of Waterloo, published quarterly
Access Waterloo Region –