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Protocol In Event of Emergency/Crisis

1.  Ensure that you and your family are safe.

2.  Assess the situation and then proceed with one of the following:

  • give the person time to calm on his/her own.  If possible maintain a calm, quiet environment.
  • call one of the information or crisis line numbers listed if you think they are applicable.
  • call family and friends to care for other family members if required.
  • call 911 if you cannot transport person to hospital and make arrangements to follow or accompany ambulance.
  • if you can transport patient go to Cambridge Memorial or Grand River Hospital Emergency room – have basic information, medications and money for parking meters with you.

3.  Reassure the person that is in crisis. “I’m here to help”, “I’d like to know how I can help.”

Create a crisis plan if you believe this could happen again.  See our template for creating a safety plan. This includes what to do in crisis and emergency situations.