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How Can You Help?

Parents for Children’s Mental Health is a non-profit, parent run organization that provides a voice for children and their families who face the challenges of mental health.  We work with families, the general public, mental health professionals and agencies, schools and government to provide education, support and advocacy.  We are all volunteers, and we do not receive any financial compensation for our work.  We do not receive any government funding for our operations.

Our Goals

  • To advance the unique needs of children with emotional and behavioural disorders and their families
  • To provide volunteer support to families (for a listing of affiliated support groups, please see listing under Finding Support).
  • To dissolve the stigma attached to children’s mental illness
  • To advocate for research, prevention, early intervention, family support, education and other services needed by these children and their families
  • To work with mental health agencies and government to ensure that children with emotional and behavioural disorders have access to community-based services to help them reach their full potential

You can help us to achieve these goals by providing your support in the following ways:

Financial Donations:

  • Monetary donations are most welcome and very much needed for us to continue to operate.
  • Some examples:  Individual donations, donations received from a child’s birthday party or event, fundraising activities, corporate donations, community grants
  • Follow the easy step-by-step directions to donate website, click the “Donate Now” button.  Scrolll down to the “Donate Now through icon. If you mention the Waterloo Chapter in the message section, our chapter receives the money and it stays in the community.

In-kind Donations:

  • Donating a product or service is as meaningful as a monetary contribution
  • Some examples are: office supplies, materials for workshops, gifts for speakers, educational materials such as books and DVDs, meeting rooms, gift cards

Volunteer Donations:

  • Give the gift of time!
  • Some examples are:  help plan or attend events, organize workshops, join a committee, set up a display, fundraise, and there’s more….



TO DONATE in any of these ways, PLEASE contact us by email at