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Power of Attorney for Property

SAMPLE ONLYCopyright  ©Queen’s Printer for Ontario

Continuing Power of Attorney for Property

(Made in accordance with the Substitute Decision Maker Act 1992)


  1. I, ___________________________revoke any previous continuing power of attorney for property made by me

       (print or type your full name here)

and APPOINT: ______________________________________ to be my attorney(s) for property

              (print or type the name of the person or persons you appoint here)


  1. If you have named more than one attorney and you want them to have the authority to act separately, insert the words “jointly and severally” here: _________________________________________________

   (this may be left blank)


  1. If the person(s) I have appointed, or any one of them, cannot or will not be my attorney because of refusal, resignation, death, mental incapacity, or removal by the court, I SUBSTITUTE:


to act as my attorney for property with the same authority as the person he or she is replacing.


  1. I AUTHORIZE my attorney(s) for property to do on my behalf anything in respect of property that I could do if capable of managing property, except make a will, subject to the law and to any conditions or restrictions contained in this document. I confirm that he/she may do so even if I am mentally incapable.



Attach, sign and date additional pages if required. (This part may be left blank)


  1. 6.         DATE OF EFFECTIVENESS:

Unless otherwise specified in this document, this continuing power of attorney will come into effect on the date it is signed and witnessed.

  1. 7.          COMPENSATION:

Unless otherwise stated in this document, I authorize my attorney(s) to take annual compensation from my property in accordance with the fee scale prescribed by regulation for the compensation of attorneys for property made pursuant to Section 90 of the Substitute Decisions Act, 1992.


  1. SIGNATURE: _________________________________________ DATE: _____________________________________



ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________________________________

(Insert your full current address here.)

  1. 9.         WITNESS SIGNATURE:

(Note: The following people cannot be witnesses: the attorney or his or her spouse or partner; the spouse, partner or child of the person making the document, or someone that the person treats as his or her child; a person whose property is under guardianship or who has a guardian of the person; a person under the age of 18)


Witness #1: Signature _________________________________ Print Name _________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________ Date: ________________________________

Witness #2: Signature _________________________________ Print Name _________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________ Date: ________________________________