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Parent’s Guide to Transition: What Happens After High School?

Table of Contents kindly provided by N. Cherry of the Aspire Group


Parents’ Guide to Transition: What Happens After High School?


  1. 1.        What Roles Do Parents Play in Transition?
  2. 2.        Are There Aspects of Transition Planning, Which Only the Family Can Do?
  • Independence
  • Guardianship
  • Power of Attorney
  • Sex Education
  • Sterilization
  • Age-Based Legal Milestone
  • Driving
  • Personal Identification
  1. 3.        When Should We Begin Planning for Transition?
  • Transition Timeline
  1. 4.        How Can We Foster Independence in Our Child with Special Needs
  • Independence Day Exercise
  1. 5.        How Long Does Transition Take?
  2. 6.        Practically Speaking, How Does Transition Occur?
  3. 7.        Transition without Services
  4. 8.        Time-Limited Services
  5. 9.        Daily Living Assistance
  6. 10.     What Should I Do If My Child with Disabilities Wants to Go to College?
  7. 11.     Long-Term Support
  8. 12.     Is There Funding Available To Assist With Improvements In Making A House Accessible To

People With Disabilities?

  1. 13.     What Assistive Devices Are Available To Support People With Disabilities?
  2. Being On a Waiting List for Years Sounds Frustrating. Is There Anything a Parent Can Do to

By-Pass the Waiting List?

  1. 15.     If My Child Is Going to Need Adult Support Services, What Do I Do First?
  2. 16.     Overall, What Are the Most Significant Barriers to Successful Transition?
  3. 17.     What About Attitudinal Barriers?
  4. 18.     What Are Functional Skills?
  • Identifying Functional Skills
  1. 19.     What Do We Plan for Transition?
  • What Are the Steps in Transition Planning?
  • What Exactly Is an Individualized Transition Plan?
  • What Should Parents Look for in a “Quality” Individualized Transition Plan?
  1. 20.     How Can Parents Be Involved in Transition Planning
  2. 21.     How Should Students Be Involved in Transition Planning?
  • How Can Students Be Involved in Their Own Transition Plan (TP)?
  1. 22.     How Are Self-Determination Skills Best Taught?
  • Who Teaches Self-Determination Skills?
  1. 23.     What Is Futures Planning?
  • How Does Futures Planning Differ from the IEP Process?
  • What Is Involved in a Futures Planning Process?
  • What Are the Parts of the Futures Planning Process?
  1. 24.     Summary – Sample Resources


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