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PCMH  Waterloo Region resource guide committee has tried to bring up-to-date and pertinent information to parents to the best of their ability.  The scope of the material here is only what we have experienced or accessed ourselves.  We recognize that such a resource can get outdated over time.  If there is something not quite right, or if you would like to see additional information added, please let us know!

Our resource guide is now available on line.  Please feel free to access this guide at to print a copy. For permission to reproduce the Guide in whole or part, please contact us.  Some of our content is the intellectual or copyright property of others.

Feedback Form:

How did you find out about our resource?
What did you find most helpful in this guide?
What would you change or improve in this guide?
Any additional suggestions for us?
Would you be interested in joining PCMH?  Please call (519) 746-KIDS (5437) and ask for the PCMH representative.


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