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“Psychosis” is defined as persistent changes in behaviour, functioning or personality. Psychosis is treatable. Psychosis can happen to anyone and usually develops during teen years.

Signs of Psychosis:

  • Hear voices that no one else hears
  • See things that aren’t there
  • Believe that others can influence their thoughts
  • Believe that they can influence the thoughts of others
  • Believe that they are being persecuted by others
  • Thoughts have sped up or slowed down
  • Believe that they are being followed, watched by others

Other symptoms that family may notice:

  • Loss of interest in socializing
  • No energy or motivation
  • Memory and concentration issues
  • Study or work issues
  • Lack of self-care
  • Confused speech
  • Difficulty communicating
  • Inappropriate emotional display or lack of response
  • Suspiciousness
  • Appetite and sleep disturbances
  • Unusual behaviours


If you see persistent changes that strike you as strange don’t wait. Trust your instincts. Talk to your doctor or a mental health professional.


Links or Useful Resources for PSYCHOSIS:
Child and Parent Resource Institute - or call 1-519-858-2774
Canadian Mental Health Association -