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Counselling Services

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Counsellors can help you define the problem and decide what’s important and what to do next. It can be a safe place to express feelings and needs.

It is a myth that only “crazy” people get counselling.  Many people from all areas of life benefit from counselling at some point in their lives.  These people are seeking help with common life concerns.  Counselling is simply a conversation between two people and requires the building of a relationship that deals with the concerns you have.  Dealing with a child with mental health issues can be very difficult.  You may need to talk to someone.  You may wish to seek counselling for a variety of reasons including concerns about behaviour or understanding yourself and your reactions to the child with mental health issues.  It’s o.k. to be depressed or worried or to feel helpless or hopeless.  Counselling can help get you or your child past these issues. Support groups can not provide this service.

Counsellors can help you define the problem and decide what’s important and what to do next.  It can be a safe place to express feelings and needs.

The best way of finding a counsellor is to explore some of the centres in Waterloo Region or by asking your Doctor for a referral.  Please refer to the insert called “Finding A Therapist”.

There are counsellors that deal with a variety of issues for both the child and the adult in the family. These issues include anxiety, anger, stress management and sometimes Dialectic Behaviour Therapy. These services are free or have fees based on the ability to pay.  Some of the services available are listed below.  This is by no means an exclusive list.

There are also other counselling services available in the community or you may have an Employee Assistance Plan that will help you find one.

Links or Useful Resources for COUNSELLING SERVICES:
See “Finding A Therapist” –
See “What you Can Expect from a Mental Health Professional” - – Child and Youth Mental Health Information Network (CYMHIN)
Lutherwood Family Counselling Services (formerly Cambridge Interfaith Counselling Centre) – 519-622-1670
Cambridge Memorial Hospital 519-621-2330 – see also Hospitals in this section
Front Door – 519-749-2932
Grand River Hospital Outpatient Services –519-749-3410 – see also Hospitals in this section
Interfaith Pastoral Counselling Centre, Kitchener – 519-742-6781
K-W Counselling Services-
Langs (Cambridge) –  or 519-653-1470 or Lang North Dumfries – 1 877-632-1229
Mosaic Counselling and Family Services –  or 519-743-6333.
Ontario Psychological Association – , under “referral service”
Shalom Counselling Services –  or 519-886-9690
ROOF (Reaching Our Outdoor Friends) – 519-742-2788
St. Mary’s Hospital Counselling Service, Kitchener – 519-745-2585 – see also Hospitals in this section
The Therapy Directory – , search
Ontario Woolwich Counselling Centre (Elmira) –  - 519-669-8651
Ray of Hope – – 519-743-2311