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For Professionals

Making a difference in the lives of children

kids playing tug of war

As a professional working with children and youth, you are acutely aware of the importance of early intervention and getting appropriate help for the child and family.

Building on a tradition of helping, kidsLINK:

  • Makes available a broad range of programs and services to help children and families
  • Provides consultation, training, support and forums for professionals working with children and youth
  • Offers professional workshops, tools, research, resources and products.

To help children realize their potential, kidsLINK focuses on achieving wellness, building resilience and reducing the impact of trauma.

Evolving for a better community and a better world for children

At kidsLINK, we continually collaborate and share our expertise, inventions and results with professionals and others in the field of child and youth services, for the love of children, and for a better community and world.