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Moving towards mental wellness in the classroom

My child is in a classroom where she is one of several children who is having difficulties. They are not big problems, but I know the teacher is concerned. Is there something out there that can help?

The Early Identification Early Intervention Program provides children with strategies to deal with social and emotional issues in a positive, proactive way. Service is usually provided to a classroom or to a group of children within a school, and the school boards work with the program to select the schools that will be served each year.

The school is constantly calling me about my child and the trouble he is having. He gets sent home from school all the time. I know he feels bad about himself. I don’t know what to do.

Encompass Learning provides a daily classroom program that focuses not only on education, but also on helping your child learn ways to deal with the challenges that have interfered with his doing his best at school. A child and family therapist will assist your child and also meet with you, so that you know how to support your child’s progress.

The Encompass After School Program is a combination of day/education (Section 23 classroom), after-school and home-based programs that provide treatment to children with trauma, psycho-social, learning and mental health challenges at school, at home and in the community.