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For parents of children three to six

Do you have concerns about the overall development of your little one?

The first step is to talk to a professional who knows your child, for example your doctor or someone at your child care centre. If she/he agrees there is a reason for concern, then contact the Special Needs Access Point (SNAP). SNAP will link you to the resource, support or service in our community that will be most helpful to your child and you.

As of January 2nd, 2014 Carizon (kidsLINK) will no longer be responsible for hosting the Child Care Special Needs Access Point (SNAP).  Beginning January 2, 2014 the Child Care Special Needs Access Point (SNAP) service and database will be supported by  the Region of Waterloo.  If you have a question or need to make a referral please contact the SNAP Coordinator, Michelle Mundy at 519-883-2022 or email

Are you concerned that your three to six year old is overly active, worries too much, is aggressive or doesn’t listen to you?

The Zero2Six Program offers a service that sends a caring, knowledgeable professional to your home to get to know you and your child, hear your concerns, work with you to create a plan to address the concerns and give you the tools you need.

Are you concerned that your three to six year old doesn’t get along with other children? Are you looking for something to help your child develop or improve social skills?

The Zero2Six Program offers a group experience for children to help them learn how to get along with others. At the same time, parents meet together with a Zero2Six worker to discuss parenting and understand what their children are learning in the group, so they can practice new skills at home.