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For parents of youths 13 to 18

Would it help for you or your teen to talk to someone about something troubling you?

Front Door can assist either through a telephone call or through a single meeting with a professional at the weekly walk-in service. One contact may be all you need to ease your mind or point you in the right direction.

Are you concerned that your teen worries too much, is out of control, getting into trouble, doesn’t get along with others or is really struggling? Are you feeling at a loss as to what to do?

The Partners Program offers a service that sends a caring, knowledgeable professional to your home to get to know your teen and you, hear your concerns, work with you to create a plan to address those concerns and give all of you the tools you need.

Are you feeling as if your teen is close to a crisis and something bad is going to happen?

The Mobile Crisis Response Program provides a professional who will assist your teen and family to create a plan in a potential crisis and get the help your family needs. Your teen’s school or Front Door can help you make contact with this Program.