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Parent’s Corner

Even the happiest families sometimes have moments when parenting hits a few bumps in the road. If parents had the opportunity to talk to each other on a regular basis, they might find their issues were remarkably similar and find the resolution to some of these issues just a chit-chat away.

Parent’s Corner features parenting articles focused on some of the every day problems parents face at different times. Take a minute to read over a few articles:

Explaining Mental Illness to Children

From – Now that the stigma of mental illness is slowly lifting, it’s time to talk to the children, says Sarah Owen. This article gives some simple, age-appropriate advice on how to explain mental illness to children.

Taming the Fire Breathing Dragon: Coping with Children’s Anger
Abstract: For some children, controlling their anger has been learned naturally through consistent parenting and learning appropriate social skills. Yet with other children who may have had these same opportunities, a special emphasis on anger management training is necessary.

Bagging Bullies: How to help your child deal with the Neighborhood
Abstract: The best way to help your child deal with this inevitable issue is to help them first understand who and what a bully actually is and why they do the things they do.

Invasion of the Bed Snatchers: How to Not Share Your Bed with Your Child
Abstract: Children who have become accustomed to sleeping in their parents’ bed have developed a falling asleep pattern that includes their parents and/or their parents’ bed as the necessary element that helps them settle down to sleep for the night.

Seeing Beyond the Differences: Helping children accept individuals with challenges
Abstract: When it comes to explaining or noting the wonder and differences in humanity, many of us are too uncomfortable to acknowledge those with challenges, let alone point them out and explain them to our children.

Children Balancing Love for Separated Parents
Abstract: Here is a list of signs that may indicate a child is not coping with a divorce.

What’s for supper? Feeding Picky Eaters
Abstract: As children grow and experience food beyond the pureed variety, they also develop food preferences. It is important to offer children a variety of foods from each food group so that they can develop an appreciation for many different tastes.

Empty Nest
Abstract: There comes a time in every parent’s life when your child leaves the ‘nest’, and ventures into the world independently.

Feelings: As Predicatble as the Weather?
Abstract: Children experience the same feelings as we adults do, except that they have not yet learned to recognize the more complex emotions, or put what they are feeling into words.

Free-Time: Fun vs. Frazzle? Sensible Scheduling of Children’s Activities
Abstract: Parents today need to not only cope with their own busy schedule; they must also assist their children in juggling their own demanding time commitments.

Hassle Free Holidays: Encouraging Children to Celebrate Sensibly
Abstract: Children, particularly very young ones, generally have difficulty dealing with changes of any kind to their routine. When you add in the increased expectations, stress and anxiety of a celebration, there are bound to be problems.

Mis-fits: Helping to put the ‘fit’ before the ‘miss’
Abstract: How do you help your child to ‘fit’ in more and ‘miss’ out on less? Read on for some hints.

Kids Can Rule Where Monsters Drool: Coping with Children’s Nightmares
Abstract: Does your child suffer from recurring nightmares? If so, don’t fret, there are tried and true ways to help children tackle these scary dreams

Pick Your Pets Carefully
Abstract: Before shopping for a pet, do an honest evaluation of your household’s energy, availability, space and tolerance level. Take into consideration the personalities and abilities of your children.

Why Parents Don’t Like to Play with Kids
Abstract: What is it that makes playing so difficult as an adult?

Positive Parenting = Positive Behaviour
Abstract: Positive parenting means teaching children how to behave in ways that are socially and culturally acceptable without using methods that are hurtful either physically or emotionally.

Surviving Sibling Rivalry
Abstract: How do you manage sibling rivalry? The first step is to understand why it happens. All behaviours, however strange they may seem, serve a purpose, and the behaviours associated with sibling rivalry are no exception.

Promoting Your Child’s Self Esteem
Abstract: Self esteem affects every aspect of our lives. It determines our confidence level, as well as whether or not we see ourselves as valuable. The following is a list of guidelines to enable you to enhance your child’s growing self esteem.

Brothers and Sisters: Harmony or Rivalry?
Abstract: What to do with sibling rivalries and when to intervene.

I am Teen – I am Invincible
Abstract: Some teens go through the transition more quickly and easily than others, adapting to the responsibilities that come with the freedom of adult choices. Mistakes can have large consequences at this stage of life.

Overcoming the Embarrassment: Dealing with Your Child’s Temper Tantrums in Public
Abstract: It is very tempting to give in to your child’s demands at this time, since this will stop the screaming and the stares – for the moment. Unfortunately, “giving in” will reinforce with your child that a temper outburst is a very effective way of getting what they want, or what they think they want.

Successful Transitions – Helping Children Change Gears
Abstract: Sometimes childhood is like driving a car with a sticky standard transmission – you know that both you and your car’s engine would benefit from a smooth transition into the next gear, but if only that clutch would cooperate!

Family Vacations
Abstract: Whatever our walk of life, one thing we all seem to have in common is that we just can’t wait until its time for our next vacation.

War-ry free Worship: Attending Religious Celebrations with Children
Abstract: The battle begins at dawn. Not that you particularly enjoy getting up at sunrise on a weekend morning – but preparation is a necessity. You shower and dress quickly, carefully choosing armor that is both wrinkle resistant and machine washable. Then armed with your only weapon – a strong cup of coffee – you mobilize the troops … the enemy troops … your church-resistant children!