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For Parents

Getting help for your family

When kids and parents need help

As a parent or caregiver, you may feel confused about how to meet the needs of a child facing mental health issues. Where do you get the information, support and services you need?

kidsLINK is here for you

kidsLINK helps children, youth and their families to overcome social, emotional and mental health challenges. Our programs and services work for you and your child to identify concerns and provide innovative and effective solutions.

When children experience trauma, such as abuse, violence or loss, kidsLINK helps them and their families to build resilience and improve their ability to deal with stress.

Why kidsLINK?

  • Our services work. We produce positive results.
  • We use proven practices and innovative ideas to achieve success.
  • We want to help as soon as possible, and we focus on prevention whenever we can.
  • We don’t give up. We know we can help.
  • Our work benefits not only those who use our services, but the entire community.

How to get help?

Connect to kidsLINK services and programs directly through Front Door, through your child’s school or childcare centre, or be referred by someone like a teacher, social worker or family doctor.

Learn more about how your child can be helped and how to access kidsLINK programs and services.