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kidsLINK’s ground-breaking integrated wellness approach for children and youth

Cheerful group of young people looking at the camera.

“The greatest wealth is health.”

kidsLINK believes that young people have within them the power to make a positive difference to their wellness and well-being. Over the years, kidsLINK focused on emotional and mental aspects of health and enabled resilience in young people.

In recent years, kidsLINK has specialized in assisting young people to choose wellness, become resilient, and grow and learn from emotional trauma. Its interventions, programs and services are now being restructured to deliberately address body, mind, spirit and environment in pursuing these positive outcomes for kids. Its multidisciplinary professionals integrate wellness, resilience and trauma knowledge into this holistic and integrative approach to address the social, emotional and mental health of children and youth.

This ground-breaking practice approach allows young people to value and recognize wellness. Children and youth are flexible, wise and quick to learn. They have the ability to make choices and influence their parents/guardians.It is their right to participate in decisions affecting their lives such as this one, according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Young girl with an armload of vegetables

kidsLINK’s multi-disciplinary response has been extended to include naturopathy, holistic nutrition and reflexology. Kids benefit from regular aerobics, flexibility exercises and yoga. They learn about food as medicine and nutrition in relation to body, mind and spirit. They learn to choose water as the frequent drink for the day, understand the need for quality sleep and meditate for relaxation. Each child will engage in an individualized program developed for his or her specific learning, development and healing of body, mind and spirit.

With this approach, kidsLINK hopes the young people it serves will grow up with a commitment to their wellness, changing the “rules” of healthcare to one of self-care and prevention.

A proactive approach to wellness is critical as poor mental health is a big liability to Ontario, and government funding cannot keep up with the level of need for specialized health treatment services. kidsLINK is doing its part to contribute to a more sustainable health care system. 

Understanding trauma can help build wellness and resilience

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