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Front Door team grows stronger in wellness

By: Kristian Partington

For the integrative wellness approach kidsLINK believes in to be as effective as possible, team members must live and breathe the philosophy.

On July 11th, a team of eight clinicians from kidsLINK and Lutherwood’s Front Door gathered with Joint Initiatives Manager, Lesley Barraball, in a day meant to grow deeper into this philosophy while considering how to carry it forward in their day-to-day dealings with young people and families.

Addressing the mind, body and spirits of children and helping them choose wellness, become resilient and learn and heal from trauma is what the integrative wellness approach is all about, say intake clinicians Joelle Martin-Root and Catherine Colvey.

The day they spent with their team, sharing experiences, learning from each other, meditating and envisioning the future based on the processes in place at kidsLINK, helped put much into perspective, they say.

“We were participating in activities that promoted wellness . . . and our visioning was a lot about how we stay well as a team,” Joelle says.

Work life is busy, agrees Catherine, and in a job that requires the emotional investment of team members, taking time to reflect with each other, renew spirits and look to the future is important.

kidsLINK leaders, she adds, “really seem to be prioritizing that because staff are feeling supported, cared for and able to look after each other better, which will then impact positively on the families that we’re able to assist.”

Work at Front Door, which includes Intake and Assessment for both kidsLINK and Lutherwood, as well as a walk-in counseling service and other programs has been extremely busy lately, so both Catherine and Joelle agree the timing of the team day couldn’t have been more appropriate.

The quiet meditation allowed the team to reflect on all that has been happening, which led to the visioning sessions where the team looked to the future and considered ways to provide better service to families in need.

“It was conducive to a really open, relaxed experience to develop new ideas, which was really helpful,” Catherine says, noting that new ways of streamlining processes were considered, which if implemented could help the team focus even more attention on clients.

A great sense of trust emanated throughout the group, Catherine says, with Joelle adding that in the process every team member’s strength shone brightly creating a stronger team as a whole.

By fostering wellness in each other, staff is better able to plant the seeds of wellness in the troubled young people who come through the Front Door.

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