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About Us

kidsLINK – learning, healing, caring service for kids

Picture of two young boys in a field

Every child has valuable insight and the potential to make a huge impact on society.

kidsLINK, a program of Carizon Family and Community Services, provides a broad range of programs and services to help more than 9,000 children, youth and their families facing or at risk of social, emotional and mental heath challenges each year. kidsLINK also provides consultation and training for almost 2000 professionals who work with children and youth. Consistent with its commitment to help children and youth achieve their potential, kidsLINK specializes in enabling wellness, building resilience and reducing the impact of emotional trauma.

kidsLINK believes that children, youth and their families can make a difference to their own health and happiness. Therefore, it helps them make the best choices for their lives. kidsLINK makes a difference by promoting healing and wellness of children, youth and their families. It is committed to achieving positive outcomes that reflect each individual’s unique strengths and circumstances. Its interventions consider all aspects of a young person’s life and provide useful and practical assistance for addressing their needs. kidsLINK’s expertise is providing services and products that are based on an integration of knowledge and methods that enable wellness and resilience, and reduce the negative impact of trauma.

kidsLINK serves children ranging in age from birth to 18 years. Whenever possible, it works with families in their own homes and community, and also offers respite care. Those children facing more severe challenges receive treatment in its residential and day treatment programs.

kidsLINK also works with children and youth in places like community schools and child care centres. There, it teaches social skills, identifies potential social, emotional and mental health concerns, and helps children learn to manage their feelings and resolve conflicts.

Parents, guardians and caregivers concerned about the well-being of their children benefit from workshops and consultations, and from kidsLINK’s extensive resource library. Families are also supported in making informed child care decisions.

With over 150 years of experience and dedication to changing the world through education, kidsLINK shares its wealth of knowledge with multi-disciplinary professionals and professionals in training. By doing so, it is extending its reach to the lives of thousands of children, youth, parents, caregivers and future caregivers.

Through the publication of the Child & Family Professional, training workshops, and conferences, kidsLINK shares learnings with professionals in related fields. All levels of post-secondary students in related fields, gain valuable experience through its internship programs. kidsLINK welcomes and encourages mutually beneficial research partnerships with advanced learning institutions worldwide. kidsLINK continues to pursue and validate new ways to enable mental wellness for children and youth.

We are a charity, using a social enterprise business model to support our mission.

kidsLINK is:

  • mission-driven
  • values-based
  • results-focused
  • client-oriented

kidsLINK is a program of Carizon Family and Children’s Services.  Carizon is a source of hope for our community. When children, youth, adults, couples or families face life’s challenges, Carizon programs and services provide the care and compassion to help them achieve wellness.

Carizon specializes in children’s mental health, youth engagement and development, family violence services, individual and family counselling, parental support and education, credit counselling, workplace resilience, settlement support and community wellness.

Our registered charity number is 10688 0115 RR0001.